FMP 2020

Well well well. The beginning of the end. This is our Final, final project ever! After this we retire in quarantine and live like we’re in Wall-E. Again we will be making a new blog so I can clearly display what is apart of my FMP so it can all be marked correctly.

While I’m here I’m gonna say what a mad year it’s been. I really made sure to knuckle down this year and I am really happy with how much effort I put into each project. Even though some videos definitely didn’t come out how I wanted and confident and excited to continue to try and improve that for FMP and my career in general.

As well James and Will have started showing my work to other students as something for other students to look up to as well as try and achieve. James showed our entire class my progressions blog and even went over every section of it. Even the part where I talk about my ex-girlfriend which as soon as he started reading it my heart sunk a bit and I was like oh no here we go. As weird as it was I actually felt like the class could appreciate the brutal honesty of it. So even though I was worried about James reading it out I’m glad he did in the end. Heart on my sleeve and that.

But as mentioned James he has started showing my blog to other and I think new coming students. No not the videos silly, the blog work. Still it’s a lovely ego boost and all I am waiting for is for someone else to call me the GOAT of WordPress (Only I’ve called myself this and I’m not sure it can originate from me if its going to catch on).

Seriously though it is really cool and I feel very honored that they feel my work is to such a high standard that they want other students to aim for it. Also the idea of me ‘changing the WordPress game’ as other students begin including personality and overall take a much more fun approach to it is really cool. Even Seb FitzHenry went back on his blog to work bits of it. Verity now shouts “Ellis Cate type beat” every time she’s writing. James was reading an old distinction blog as an example and he says “it’s not Ellis funny but”. So hey I’m all for it.

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